Here are some photos and diagrams related to my 2001 Palomino Pony 21

Sink Modification Photos

This is what the Furnace Igniter looks like. The tips should be sanded clean for great results.

I installed a roof rack and after more than a decade it is working well

Installing a battery - The Palomino comes with a Male/Female connector set on the wire from the TV harness (pin4 - Black)to the Converter. Simply unplug them from each other and insert a cable and fuse holder wired like this to connect the Positive post of the battery. Attach a wire from the frame to the Negative post. Here are photos of the Palomino insertion point and a diagram of how to make a homemade version.

I added a 120v light to the duplex outlet and a 12v light after the 12v switch to give me a visual indication that my Fridge is getting power

Here is how I wired the TV harness connector pin2 (brakes), pin4 (battery charge) and pin7 (fridge operation) to my Tow Vehicle and related photos.

This is a diagram of the 12 volt side of my Pony 21.

My Dometic RM 2193 three way fridge. I removed the square shield visible in photo 1 to expose the burner. Remove one screw from the burner to ease it out for cleaning and service. The chimney top and vane are also shown.

My fridge modification for improved operation in hot weather. The shield is a piece of house vinyl siding bent at the bump and two 0.15 amp computer fans. I was surprised to discover that it did not have a negative effect in cooler weather when the fans are not turned on.

I added electronic igniters to my stove using a BBQ replacement igniter kit. This is a great addition!

Photos/images from Palomino and Tow Vehicle